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International Media Cultural Work (M.A.)

Curating – Communicating – Managing 

These three terms span the huge field of digital media and its technologies, for which International Media Cultural Work will qualify its students as superbly imaginative leaders and strategically outstanding executives. During the program, students will focus on media aesthetic education and cultural communication to develop expertise in inspiring society to a deeper and critical understanding of media technologies’ cultural implications, as well as their social and ethicalphilosophical dimensions. The course’s practical goal is to encourage society and individuals to use media for skillful self-expression, as well as for creative and emancipatory practices.

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The main goal of The Global Composition 2018 is to bring transdisciplinary high-level research of scholars, scientists, artists, designers and engineers together. This will be combined with innovative cultural and educational practices by pedagogues and media makers plus with acoustic-ecological artistic explorations of profound aspiration.

This inspiring blend of intellectual analysis, practical design, engaged environmental, social and political work as well as artistic production is what constitutes the essence of Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology.

Field of Activities:
– sound and space (installations, spatial simulations, multichannel compositions as well as 3D-Audio & acoustic holography)
– compositions for 360° movies/ Fulldome Cinema
– soundscape compositions and performances
– radiogenic artforms (earplay, documentary, Ars Acoustica, Experimental Radio)
– auditory space and the public (performances, happenings, soundscape design, auditory cultural work)
– scholarly and scientific disourses on auditory cultures, immersion, Environmental Media, as well as sound and ecology