Get to and from The Global Composition 2018 with this easy guide. All you need to know about our partner hotels and their special offers for attendees of The Global Composition 2018. All hotels are near bakeries, cafés, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. You might want to consider staying for extra days to enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.

Partner Hotels:

It is recommended to the participants of the Global Composition 2018 conference to benefit from the reduced prices of our partner hotels around Dieburg. Please note the special offer is avaible until 04.09.2018. Please refer to the conference (Keyword: Sound Conference).

Hotel Mainzer Hof, Dieburg

Phone number: +49 6071 8813-0


A 9-minute walk to Dieburg railway station.

A 20-minute walk to the Mediencampus.

Near the beautiful Museum of Schloss Fechenbach.

Special Offers*: 2 bed room: 65€, 1 bed room: 49€, 3 bed room: 89€

*Breakfast not included=7,90€

Hotel Am Rathaus, Münster

Phone number: +49 6071-7395126


5 minutes by train (RB61) from Münster (b-Dieburg) Bahnhof to Dieburg Bahnhof and a 15 minute walk to the Mediencampus or you can just take the Bus 671.

Special offers*: 1 bed room: 54€, 2 bed room: 67€, 3 bed room: 79€, 4 bed room: 91€, 5 bed room: 105€

*Breakfast included.

Hotel Hax, Groß-Umstadt

Phone number: +49 60 78 – 33 17


Small, luxury hotel near to a busstop with good connections to the Mediencampus. 

Special offers*: 1 bedroom: 50€, 1 bedroom “junior suite”: 74€, 2 bedroom: 80€, 2 bedroom “superior”: 85€, 2 bedroom “junior suite”: 95€ (an extra bed in the junior suite is available for only 25€/day)

*Breakfast included. To benefit from the special offers, please do the reservation via mail or use the contact-field of the hotel.


FARMERHAUS-Lodge, Groß-Umstadt

Phone number: +49 6078 911191


Small, luxury hotel, convenient and near to a busstop.

Special offer: 10% discount for conference participants.

Regular prices*: 1 bedroom: 85 €, 2 bedroom: 90 €

* Breakfast not included = 10€


Hotel Jakob, Groß-Umstadt

Phone number: +49 6078 7800 0


A 22-minute bus ride to the Mediencampus (Bus 671 or K68).

Special offers: 

Prices comfort: 1 bed room: 70€, 2 bed room: 80€

Prices superior: 1 bed room: 89€, 2 bed room: 90€

Other Hotels:

Die Schmankerlburg, Dieburg

Phone number:+49 6071 22843

This hotel is very close to the campus.

Prices*: 1 bedroom: 44€, 2 bedroom: 66€, 3 bedroom: 85€

*Breakfast not included = 5€

Hotel an der Waldstrasse, Gross Zimmern

Phone number: +49 6071 9700 0

A convenient hotel in Gross Zimmern, which is close to Dieburg (10-minute bus ride).

Prices*: 1 bedroom: 50 €, 2 bedroom: 65 €

*Breakfast not included = 6,50 €

Aviva Apartment Hotel, Groß-Zimmern

Phone number: +49 6071 289950

A 30-minute bus ride to get to the Mediencampus. (You must take 2 buses: Bus 672 to Dieburger Schießmauer and Bus 671 to Dieburg Hochschule Süd).

Prices*: 1 bedroom: 50€, 2 bedroom: 65€

*Prices valid when booking for 3 nights

SoNi Hotel, Dieburg

Phone number: +49 170 2888895

A 15-Minute walk to the Mediencampus, suitable for groups.

Prices: 32€ per person

Schnecken – Schröder, Messel

Phone number: +49 6159 70905

E-Mail: :

Suitable for those with own transport.

Prices: 1 bedroom: 69€, 2 bedroom: 85€


To check all bus and train connections, you can use the schedule on this website: You can also download the RMV public transport application on your phone. Alternatively, you can also check out

Transportation from Frankfurt airport to Darmstadt and/or Dieburg:

You can take the AIRLiner Bus from Frankfurt airport terminals to Luisenplatz or Darmstadt Hbf (Central Station). From there, you either take Bus 671 or the regional train to Dieburg (RB75).

You can also take Bus 671 from Darmstadt Hbf to Dieburg Station as well as Groß-Umstadt which will take 40 minutes. 

If you are interested in taking a cab from Frankfurt Airport to Dieburg, the drive usually costs 97€, but you can ask for a special rate of 55€. It is advisable to share the cab with other participants and pay together.

Please reserve at least 24h in advanced at Dieburg’s taxi service. Phone Number: +49 6071- 33333

From Frankfurt airport to Groß-Umstadt:

Go by train from Frankfurt Airport via Frankfurt Hbf (Main Station) to Groß-Umstadt Mitte. This will take around 40 minutes. 

Renting a car is also a possibility. Parking on Mediencampus is easy and for free.

The Global Composition Conference 2018, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Oktober 04-07, 2018

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