Prelude of The Global Composition 2018 at Kultur-Bahnhof Langstadt.

Our conference is approaching and we wanted to announce everyone of the amazing prelude. This is a start to celebrating the arts and the beginning of the conference.

The event takes place on October 3rd at Kultur-Bahnhof Langstadt in Bahnhof Babenhausen Langstadt. It begins at 17.00 o’clock, followed by multiple performances and installations that can be viewed.

It is open to the public for everyone to enjoy! There will be refreshments available for purchase while touring the Bahnhof as well.

All the best,

TGC Organisational Committee & Netzwerk Bahnhof Langstadt e.V 


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The Global Composition Conference 2018, Hochschule Darmstadt, Oktober 04-07, 2018

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