360°-Film | Fulldome Cinema

Since 2013, SEM-Lab engages in the production of 360° movies with 3D-audio soundtracks. The results are regularly presented and awarded at the Fulldome Festival in Jena at other international events.

Starting as a workshop series in collaboration with HfG Offenbach, Fraunhofer IDMT Ilmenau and hFMA, the facilities and expertise of SEM-Lab now allows the independent production of fulldome movies via its VR/3D-Audio lab, which is fully equipped with an inflatable fulldome tent, a professional 360-Camera (Insta 360 Pro), stitching software (Adobe After Effects) and the sophisticated 3D-audio production system SpatialSound Wave System (SSW) by Fraunhofer Institute Ilmenau.

SEM-Lab offers each semestre production seminars with the teacher and fulldome artist Claire Dorweiler and on a regular basis workshops in collaboration with the hFMA – The next workshop, starting in summer 2020 is based on a close partnership with the hFMDK Frankfurt and will bring together media students, actors and directors from all over Hessen.

Here a list of selected and awarded productions:

– „Not a Nightmare“
von Diego Arandia
Janus 3D-Audio Award, Fulldome Festival Jena 2019


– „I am not who you think I am“
von Safaa Mahmoud
Finalist of Janus Student Award 2019
Nachwuchspreis Medienkultur, Dieburg 2019

– “Aurelio”
Gawan Fabel, Johannes Ott, Theresa Worm
Emphasis on Emotion-Award 2016

– “Protokoll_001”
von Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy (HfG Offenbach) und Natascha Rehberg (3D-Soundtrack)
Audience Award 2016

– „Beweise genug“
von Anne Pischulski und Denise Röhrig
Finalist of Janus Student Award 2016

– „Das Ende eines langen Tages“
von Christian Öhl, HfG Offenbach und Philipp Boss, Hochschule Darmstadt (3D-Soundtrack)
Janus Award Best Student Performance 2015

– „Ein abnormales Liebesleben“
von Deike Schwarz, HfG Offenbach, Perschya Chehrazi und Jonas Eichhorn Hochschule Darmstadt (3D-Soundtrack)
Janus Student Audience Award 2015

– „I,Water“
3D-Soundscape Komposition
von Felix Deufel, Yannick Hofmann und Natascha Rehberg
Spatial Sound recognition award 2013