3D Audio & Acoustic Holograms

3D Audio: Research & Creation
Development of virtual soundscapes and innovative audio design

Steps towards an acoustic holodeck by the use of 3D-audio technology

3D-audio technologies as the SpatialSound Wave System (SSW) by the Fraunhofer Institute Ilmenau IDMT allow to locate and treat sounds as three-dimensional soundsources in space. This allows for emulating tangible soundscapes and bringing virtual space-sound-concepts to life. By this 3D-audio leads the way to elaborating new forms of immersive media such as 360°-movies (Fulldome-Cinema), Virtual or Augmented Reality settings, games and the development of innovative, audititory experiences in the field of 3D ear plays as well as to installation and simulation of acoustic holograms. 3D-audio technologies ask for new types of auditory and audiovisual art forms and concepts. Our research program explores the specific dramaturgical, aesthetic and conceptual possibilities and, based on these findings, develops audio- artistic prototypes.

Since 2013, the SEM-Lab contributes with its artistic and scientific position to the ongoing discourse about 3D Audio. The lab’s longterm link to the Fraunhofer Institute IDMT, the developer of SpatialSound Wave System (SSW), established a relation of critical feedback to the device’s software developments.

Since 2012, the Soundscape- and Environmental Media Lab (SEM-Lab), under the direction of Prof. Sabine Breitsameter, has been researching and developing specific concepts and methods of 3D-Audio design. The SEM-Lab team-members Natascha Rehberg, Robin Wiemann and Amine Hayati engage in international festivals, conferences and symposiums with artistic contributions, workshops and lectures.


Soundscape- and Environmental Media Lab | FB Media | Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Director: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter | Contact: sabine.breitsameter@h-da.de

Team: Johannes Ott, Natascha Rehberg, Sancak Sahin, Aleksandar Vejnovic