Our conference’s keynotes aim at crucial present-day subjects, addressing some of Acoustic Ecology’s and Soundscape Studies’ core topics. Being based on listening critically to the contemporary environment, the keynotes will investigate and discuss problematic developments within the realm of the auditory world, and suggest possible pathways to solutions.

Keynote Lectures

Prof. Dr. Milena Droumeva

Gendered Ecologies: Voice in Game Soundscapes

Milena Droumeva is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Glenfraser professor in Sound Studies at Simon Fraser University specializing in mobile technologies, sound studies and multimodal ethnography, with a long-standing interest in game cultures. She has worked extensively in educational research on game-based learning, as well as in interaction design for responsive environments. Milena is a also soundwalking enthusiast, published widely in the areas of acoustic ecology, media and game studies, design and technology.

Prof. Dr. Maria Klatte

Effects of Noise on Cognitive Performance in Children: Where do we stand?

Maria Klatte studied psychology in Oldenburg and Bielefeld. In 1997, she did her PhD at the University of Oldenburg, in the context of the Graduate College of Psychoacoustics. In 2006, she went to Munich, where she led a research project on cognitive development in Kindergarten children.  Since 2011, she is extraordinary professor at the University of Kaiserslautern, Department of Cognitive and Developmental Psychology. Her research interests include effects of acute and chronic noise exposure on cognition in children and adults, reading acquisition, and developmental dyslexia.

Walter Tilgner

Recording European Biotopes: Environmental sounds, ecology and the culture of listening

Walter Tilgner , sound recordist and nature photographer, was born 1934 in Olomouc on the March. In the 1950s Tilgner studied Zoology and Botany in Frankfurt/Main and worked until his retirement at the Natural History Museum Konstanz on Lake Constance. He is a honorary member of the “Forum Klanglandschaft“.

Keynote workshops

In order to create occasions for intense auditory experiences in a conference on listening, The Global Composition 2018 plans to offer daily listening workshops. The workshops will introduce practically to some of Acoustic Ecology’s and Soundscape Studies’ genuine methodologies, and – additionally to the auditory experience they provide – will also reflect and analyze them. The keynote workshops aim at fostering the instruments for aesthetic facilitation/media cultural education, research, and creation, relaying their methodologies to Acoustic Ecology’s core thoughts and intentions, and – last but not least – discussing and adapting them, passing them on to younger generations, and ensuring their future practicability.

Keynote workshops will be given by

Ioanna Etmektsoglu (Greece) (tbc)

Eric Leonardson (USA)

Hildegard Westerkamp (Canada)

More details will come up soon!


The  keynote workshops are made possible by a collaboration between DKMI Research Center, Master’s program International Media Cultural Work (both h_da), Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Ulrike Pfeifer, Music in Social Work) and Hessische Film- und Medienakademie hFMA.



To be announced…

The Global Composition Conference 2018, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Oktober 04-07, 2018

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