Research and transfer of immersive media concepts

Are you looking for expertise in the field of immersive media creation?

Let us know – we bring virtual visions to life.

“Immersive media” such as 3D-audio, Fulldome Media, 360°- cinema and related VR/AR applications do not only ask for an innovative creation of content. The fundamentally changed conditions of display and perception require a thoughtful revision of established
forms and performance practices. That´s why our work comprises all stages of creation. With our longterm experience, we bring ideas in perfect shape for a breathtaking experience.

Since 2013, the SEM-Lab contributes with its artistic and scientific position to the ongoing discourse about 3D-audio and 360°-movies.

Artistic research

Our research programs explores the specific dramaturgical, aesthetic and conceptual possibilities and, based on these findings, develops new types of audiovisual art forms and concepts. Our artistic research results in 3D-audio compositions, earplays, audio-visual installations, augmented reality applications and numerously awarded 360°-movies with and without 3D-audio soundtrack.

Research transfer

The research transfer into society and economy is impetus and a cornerstone of the work in the SEM-Lab and is undertaken in many ways:

    • Third-party fundings and collaborations: Sony Music, Fraunhofer Institute, Hessischer Rundfunk, LAGFA e.v., Fraport, Sparkasse, ZKM Karlsruhe, Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Ho3rraum Media, etc.
    • Start-up in the field of immersive media productions (Steinbeis Transfer Centre from april 2020 onwards)
    • Keynotes, scientific and artistic contributions to international symposia and festivals such as ICMC (New York), NIME (Brisbane), Klingt gut! (Hamburg), Fulldome Festival (Jena), next_generation Festival (Karslruhe), B3 Biennale des bewegten Bildes (Frankfurt/M), etc.
    • Curation of own exhibitions and events with innovative media technologies
    • Workshops for professionals and collaborative production seminars
    • The lab’s longterm link to the Fraunhofer Institute IDMT, the developer of SpatialSound Wave System (SSW), established a relation of critical feedback to the device’s software developments.

Next steps

  • Foundation of a Start-Up for environmental media creation in form of a Steinbeis Transfer Centre in 2020.
  • Setting up and establish an European Network network on “immersive” media, with the aim to:  *deepen the knowledge and understanding of the work which is done in the different universities and institutions and their particular approaches  *collaborate and co-produce* support each other with knowledge, experiences and information *be able to act as a consortium.

Our AR\VR/3D-Audio-Lab is best suited for the creation of linear and interactive projects such as 360°-film / fulldome, 3D-audio and VR/AR-applications.



  • Mobile 40.2. Speaker set-up
  • 3D-audio production system: SpatialSound Wave System (SSW) by Fraunhofer Institute, Ilmenau
  • Ambisonics (ambiX, IEM Plug-In Suite)
  • ProTools HD, Ableton Live Suite, MAX MSP
  • Inflatable Dome for Fulldome Media
  • 360° VR-Cam: Insta 360 Pro 
  • Head Mounted Displays (Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE)
  • Raspberry pi and arduino kits
  •  State-of the art recording gear
  • Etc.