SEM-Lab – Soundscape & Environmental Media Lab

Within the framework of the master program `International Media Cultural Work`.

Since 2011, the Soundscape- and Environmental Media-Lab at Darmstadt UAS’s Media Campus has been a place for audio and audiovisual production and related artistic, scholarly/scientific research. Since 2013, the SEM-Lab contributes with its artistic and scientific position to the ongoing discourse about 3D-audio and in parallel started to explore the realm of 360°-film / fulldome cinema.

All of SEM-Lab’s activities are based on innovative media technology, and on the concept of media as environments. Its outcomes are linked – in theory as well as in practice – to this perspective`s consequences for composition, media design, artistic and everyday life aesthetics and cultures of visual and auditory perception. Debates about new technologies are equally important as investigating terms like (media) ecology, societal value systems and cultural concepts.

Fields of Activities:
• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (installations, spatial simulations, multichannel compositions as well as 3D Audio & acoustic holography)
• compositions for 360° movies/Fulldome Cinema
• soundscape compositions and performances
• radiogenic artforms (earplay, documentary, Ars Acustica, Experimental Radio)
• auditory space and the public (performances, happenings, soundscape design, auditory cultural work)
• facilitation, education and audience development of auditory culture, contemporary sound and media art forms to all groups of society
• scholarly and scientific discourses on auditory cultures, immersion, Environmental Media, as well as sound and ecology


  • Mobile 40.2. Speaker set-up
  • 3D-audio production system: SpatialSound Wave System (SSW) by Fraunhofer Institute, Ilmenau
  • ProTools HD, Ableton Live Suite, MAX MSP
  • Inflatable Dome for screenings of fulldome movies
  • 360° VR-Cam: Insta 360 Pro
  • Head Mounted Displays (Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE)
  • Raspberry pi and arduino kits
  •  Multichannel field-recorder
  • Different types of microphones

In both 2012 and 2018, SEM-Lab hosted and directed The Global Composition, an international Conference on Sound, Ecology and Media.
The lab works is strongly related to the Master´s program International Media Cultural Work (IMC) involving students from all over the globe, giving them the opportunity to present their artworks and research results on international conferences, festivals and collaborate with e.g. Hessischer Rundfunk, Sony Music, Fulldome Festival, Hessentag, Planetarium Mannheim and – last but not least – next generation@ZKM Karlsruhe.

Most of this research has has been related to the frameworks of the Institute for Communication and Media/ikum and additionally – since 2018 – of the Research Center for Digital Communication and Media Innovation (DKMI).

Studio director: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter
Technical director: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Greiner

Prof. Sabine Breitsameter
Sound and Media Culture
Research Director for Artistic Research and Media Aesthetic Practice/ikum
Forschungszentrum/Research Center DKMI für Digitale Kommunikation und Medieninnovation DKMI
Faculty of Media
Hochschule Darmstadt/Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences 
Haardtring 100
64295 Darmstadt